Infra Tech Global Services (ITGS) is a privately held woman veteran-owned small business. ITGS has a long-standing reputation for providing high-quality services, installations, integration, and turnkey solution capabilities. ITGS has been serving a very diverse clientele.

We have developed in-depth expertise in working with clients ranging from state and local government, law enforcement, prison systems, education, small businesses, residential and commercial industries. ITGS provides each client with unique and flexible solutions to guarantee successful outcomes.  

Infra Tech Global Services provides video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection, audio/video, digital video, wireless integration, solar panel installation, organization change management, and staff augmentation.

Infratech Global Services (ITGS) mission is to consolidate multiple businesses function into a single system for improved efficiencies by requiring strong coordination and participation among multiple departments within its organization and provide user training and education to increase stakeholder acceptance and commitment.

InfraTech Global Services, LLC (ITGS) is a privately held corporation that has a longstanding reputation for providing high-quality technology, cyber security, project management, system integrations, solar installation, organizational change, and turnkey solution capabilities.  In addition, we offer a portfolio of service offerings with a holistic approach to planning, construction, installation, logistics, warehousing services.  

Our products and services balance client needs and budget by considering immediate and long-lasting energy cost savings and long-term environmental impact. Our role has been aptly defined by our ability to provide custom solutions within affordable budgets.

ITGS has developed in-depth expertise in working with clients ranging from state and local government, law enforcement, prison systems, education, small businesses, residential and commercial industries.  

ITGS provides each client with unique and flexible solutions to guarantee successful outcomes. The technical and administrative staff of our company have expertise across a number of areas; however, the emphasis is placed on technical aptitude and ability to support and assist our clients with company growth. ITGS has qualified professionals with hands-on experience spanning over twenty years. We also possess a strong business and technical understanding coupled with excellent program management skills. 

ITGS has successfully planned and executed projects in solar installation, infrastructure, cyber security, and video camera surveillance integration. ITGS provides a global perspective for international cooperation, government agencies, and municipalities to provide smart technology and eco-friendly products abroad, as well as provide a financial arm from grants and private funding.


Join the Infratech Global Partners Program to generate new business, build stronger connections, and increase revenues. Some of our partners are:

City of Atlanta

City of Chamblee

Haitian Chambers of Conference

Development Corporation

Emory University

ShaMar Consultants

Burlington, NC PD

W&B Constructors

Unity National Bank of Texas

Solar Sales USA

Growth by NCRS

White Howard Brands

Web Meyers Construction

Champions IFM

BLA Alliance


Information technology risk is the potential for technology shortfalls to result in losses. This includes the potential for project failures, operation problems and information security incidents.  

ITGS industry leaders are equipped with leadership skills, experience and knowledge to design and customized solutions that will assist Corporation's to execute their mission.

Our knowledge of the challenges facing both operators and decision makers enables us to provide both the project management oversight and operational expertise to solve complex security management challenges and provide practical workflow solutions.


As cyberattacks become more sophisticated, government agencies at all levels need to ensure that they're following best practices to keep their systems safe. Infra Tech Global Services (ITGS) and are technology partners provide elite technology to meet our clients most challenging requirements.  

ITGS offers a flexible approach that allows agencies to create individualized risk-management plans that can be rapidly developed, integrated and deployed to meet emerging requirements and changes for the future based on their specific needs and capabilities. 


Technology systems have contributed significantly to the operational effectiveness and efficiency of law enforcement agencies of all types.  As the ability to collect, share and use information continues to gain momentum in modern policing, ITGS along with its partners can provide technology tools that offer agencies the chance to develop this ability.  

ITGS will provide law enforcement with strategies, best practices, recommendations and ideas for developing and implementing information technology tools to secure a Safe City.   


Prisons become more crowded and internal problems arise, it is important to keep control and stability inside and outside of the prison. Although there are many security measures that can be put into place, there are many problems that can occur within a prison system which include faulty detection systems. 

With the right technology, ITGS along with its partners can develop, design and deploy technology tools that can improve safety and efficiency for prisons.  We also know that adopting new technology can be expensive, time-consuming, and complicated but working closely with prison administrators and their staff will ensure a safe working environment.


Infra Tech Global Services offers customized training such as Organizational Change to help promote effective change within an organization and Windows Platform training. ITGS provides professional training at your location.  We also provide email/phone-based assistance for certain software products.


Since 2008, hundreds of thousands of solar panels have popped up across the country as an increasing number of Americans choose to power their daily lives with the sun’s energy. Solar for homes are more affordable and achievable than you may think. With solar tax credits, $0-down financing options, and rock-solid warranties, you can reduce your carbon footprint and increase your home’s value with residential solar power.

Thanks in part to the Solar Energy Technologies Office's investments, the cost of going solar goes down every year. You may be considering the option of adding a solar energy system to your home’s roof or finding another way to harness the sun’s energy. 

Your solar system has no moving parts so you can expect a long and hassle-free life from your solar power system! Generous government solar rebates and incentives mean making the switch to solar is simple, fast, and affordable. With Infra Tech Global Services (ITGS)  expert installers, you can have your system up and running in just a few short weeks. 


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